It really sets the ground of the future of how to build contracts.

Ana-Lisa, Service Designer, Stockholm (Sweden)

We are already applying some of the techniques in our office and I have to say that this is not only more effective but also more fun.

Achim, Head of Legal Operations, Frankfurt (Germany)

You were the highlight of the ABA Spring Conference on Dispute Resolution.

Cynthia, Lawyer & Circuit Court Mediator, Virginia (USA)

The legal design sprint was key to the success of this event.

Gemma Juárez Abella, Organizer of the Legaltech fest MX, Monterrey (Mexico)

This has opened our eyes as to how far technology can take the legal industry.

Carolina Castroc, Legal Innovation Analyst, Monterrey (Mexico)

Fantastic days with a lot of inspiration on the theme of Legal Design, together with Tessa Manuello, and I can't wait to actually do this again!.

Pierre Dicksson, Organizer Future of Contracting, Stockholm (Sweden).


Good and efficient session. With a great outcome!

Gregor, General Counsel, Munich (Germany)

We actually started with this very terrible termination clause and we ended with this tool instead!

Lotta, IP & Tech Lawyer, Stockholm (Sweden)

The way you teach us design thinking is fun and easy. I hope that we cross path soon and that a Mexican university or a large company will hire you to propagate your wisdom!

Daniel, Legal Tech Founder, Monterrey (Mexico)

Tessa has great abilities to communicate and to engage with her public.

Brendan, Barrister & IP Law Lecturer (Ireland)

I highly recommend this to everyone, we got to do some activities and got some really good solutions. It gave me a renovated taste for a law!

Christian López, Corporate Lawyer, Monterrey (Mexico)

We got to put into practice the design thinking that we have learned from our guru Tessa! It was an awesome surfing ride!

Marie, Senior Contract Manager, Stockholm (Sweden)

Really liked your talk about finding connections.

Michael, Law Student and Designer, Munich (Germany)

This is what we need in Mexico. I hope to actually be in another one and experience it and have everybody in Mexico who is a lawyer to take it! hank you very much. I appreciate it.

Jesse Bolaños, Monterrey (Mexico)

I really liked the Legal Design sprint, it's the connection between the human beings and these new technologies.

Sabrina Castroc,Legal Hackers Member & Organizer, Monterrey (Mexico)

Thank you very much for the workshop, I find it very helpful for my future career in law.

Gloria, Law Student, Monterrey (Mexico)

I really enjoyed your speech Tessa. You are very inspiring.

Ferdinand, Influencers Unites, Montreal (Canada)

I loved Tessa's presentation, she gave us some advice to be creative, to innovate and to get out of our confort zone Totally recommend it, thank you for everything Tessa!

Ariana Franco Vargas, Legal Hackers Member & Organizer, Monterrey (Mexico).

It was so much fun, I got to learn creativity and apply it to the law. I think think being creative and being different is really the key to success.

Ana Marcela Galvàn, Communication Manager, Monterrey (Mexico).



That's how we build innovation capacities worldwide.


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