Tessa Manuello touring the Americas and Europe with Legal Creatives

Nov 27, 2018
10 days, 3 speechs, 2 sprints, 1 retreat over the Americas and Europe. What an incredible world tour. Watch this video below to get all the highlights. 
Very thankful for all local hosts who made every visit such a nice experience, for all the connexions in every local and global community. We now have even more evidence showing that we can succeed at bringing contracts & law to the next level, and that it can be fun too. Watch the highlights and join the Academy now.
Thank you everybody who has made this possible. In chronological order Gemma Juárez Abella and Legal Hackers Monterrey with Caitlin (Cat) Moon, MA JD, thanks to Sally Hughes and Tim Cummins for having me at the IACCM Conference of the Americas together with Astrid Kohlmeier, and thanks Tamay Schimang for having me at the Legal Design Retreat in Frankfurt.

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Hosting a Legal Creatives event, such as a talk or workshop, is a unique...

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Meet Tessa at the Legal Design Retreat in Frankfurt

Nov 01, 2018

Ever wished to understand contracts and law? Making it simple with powerful visuals is now possible. With Legal Design. Take a look at Dalia Moniat's graphic recording of the Legal Design Retreat to which we participated last week at Reinvent Law in Frankfurt to see how powerful this can be. 

Plus, you will also learn more about Tessa'a approach to bringing creativity into contracts and the law, all those best kept secrets I disclose every time I give a speech. So much talents embracing the new ways applying creative skills into law.Thank you Dalia!

And thanks to all my co-facilitators, always a pleasure to get to work with you. Tamay Schimang Astrid Kohlmeier Anna-Lena Helfrich Daniella Domokos Bram van Hasselt Meera Klemola (née Sivanathan) Lieke Beelen Emma Hertzberg Stefania Passera @helena haapio Caitlin (Cat) Moon, MA JD Dennis Becker Joaquín Santuber Lina Krawietz Sebastian Schaub María J. González-Espejo Laura Fauqueur...

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Meet Tessa Manuello at IACCM Conference of the Americas

Oct 29, 2018

Watch the highlights of the Contract Re:design sprint Tessa facilitated at the IACCM Conference of the Americas in St Pete, Florida (USA) and discover how, in just 90 minutes, we re:designed contracts to make them a tool for collaboration that can maximize success. Using a typical delivery clause and the Legal Creatives approach, together with Astrid Kohlmeier at the IACCM Conference of the Americas, contract managers and lawyers, for to make some "magic". Legal Design is that powerful.

Kudos to the event organizer, Tom Hurson and Sally Hughues and to all the participants!I look forward to continue supporting you in any capacity. Let's keep creating ‼ “Be brave enough to live life creatively. The creative place where no one else has ever been.” - Alan Alda. 

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Meet Tessa Manuello at Legaltech fest MX, Mexico.

Oct 25, 2018

Watch the highlights of Legal Hackers Monterrey Legal Design Sprint facilitated by Tessa and discover how, in just 90 minutes, participants created solutions geared for Mexico access to justice needs. Using the World Justice Project Index and the Legal Creatives approach, the local community from Monterrey and beyond united at the university Tecnológico de Monterrey to make some "magic". Legal Design is that powerful. Watch the video for the highlights.

Kudos to the event organizer, Gemma Juárez Abella and to all the participants!I look forward to continue supporting the local community in any capacity. Let's keep creating ‼ “Be brave enough to live life creatively. The creative place where no one else has ever been.” - Alan Alda. 

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Meet Tessa at the Future of Contracting, Stockholm

Oct 05, 2018
The legal world is about to change, and so is the world of contracts. Meet Tessa today for this Contact Re:Design workshop at the futureofcontracting.comA full day of learning by doing, solving practical challenges and prototyping re-designed contacts to take home and to the office. Watch the highlights in this video.
Plus watch the entire talk Tessa gave on Legal Design in this video. 

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Formation créative au Barreau du Québec: 3 conseils pour les avocats.

Oct 01, 2018

De quelle manière la créativité s'applique-t-elle à la pratique du droit? Comment les avocats peuvent également bénéficier de la pensée créative? La recherche indique que la créativité et l’empathie sont les prochaines compétences obligatoires pour les avocats. Vous vous demandez peut-être ce que la créativité et l’empathie ont à voir avec la pratique du droit. Si vous souhaitez savoir, je vous invite à lire cet article. Et si vous trouvez cet article utile, partagez-le avec vos collègues et vos pairs. De cette façon, vous pourrez mettre en pratique vos apprentissages au moyen des nouvelles stratégies que je vais partager avec vous.

La semaine dernière, j'ai formé des avocates et avocats du Barreau du Québec en donnant un atelier dynamique et pratique axé sur les compétences...

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Creative CLE training at the Quebec Bar Association: 3 business development tips for Lawyers.

Oct 01, 2018

In what ways creativity apply to the practice of the law? Can lawyers benefit from creative thinking too? Research indicates creativity along with empathy are the next mandatory skills for lawyers. You may ask, what do creativity and empathy have to do with the practice of the law? If you'd like to know, I invite you to read this article. And if you think this article is useful, please share it with your colleagues and peers. That way you can implement your learnings for this piece and brainstorm together new strategies I am about to share with you.

Last week I trained lawyers at the Quebec Bar Association about the power of creativity in a fast-paced workshop focusing on both creative and empathic skills. Along with my colleague Dima Haffar we offered a half-day training aimed to help lawyers get more specific and more efficient in their business development.

In this blog post, I am going to share 3 major...

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Tessa Manuello speaking at the ABA Relational Practice Summit

Sep 14, 2018

How do you handle time in negotiations? How can you reach an agreement faster? How creativity can assist you in resolving disputes and handling complex situations? Knowledge remains limited with respect to the application of the creativity and its potential to better deal with complexity. Yet, many scholars and experts agree that creativity is an essential skill, especially for those dealing with disagreements, having to problem-solve complex situations and working at getting multiple stakeholders to work together.

Last week, I presented live at the American Bar Association first Relational Practice Summit, about the research I have been doing on creativity, and why it applies well in the context of dispute resolution. Lawyers and Mediators alike attended the live presentation to discover what is creativity, its origin and its techniques.

Today, Friday September 14, 2018, I will be sending the slides of the presentation I gave on...

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Tessa Manuello rewarded at Influencers Unites, Montreal Canada.

Aug 26, 2018

Influencers Unite - WHERE INFLUENCE IS REWARDED - connects influencers with their local audience, thus giving back to the community. Globally, 4 billion people are estimated to live outside the protection of the law. Exponential thinking and strategy can reduce this gap. Entrepreneurial at heart, Tessa Manuello founded multiple startups to assist with this challenge. Last year, she founded Legal Creatives, and worked so hard with her team that their first appearance was at Web Summit, the biggest tech event in the world. Today, Tessa Manuello also teaches and strategizes in organizations, universities and law associations worldwide about the method she developed, she calls: Thinking Design. Thinking Exponential.   

Here's the transcript of the inspirational speech Tessa delivered yesterday, at Club Le Cinq, in Montreal Canada.

"One year ago, I was in the middle of a huge turn. I didn’t know which direction to...

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Europe’s cosiest conference on legal design, tech and innovation. Munich, Germany.

May 15, 2018

Do you have enough of conferences where you’re told lawyers need to innovate, but you’re not shown how to do that? Are you a designer, a programmer or a student with design or coding skills? Have you heard that the world of legal services is changing, ripe for disruption? Join me in Munich, Germany, on June 21-22, where I will co-facilitate Europe’s cosiest conference on legal design, tech and innovation. 

Then it’s time to join forces in a new approach. Time for a unique concept. Time for a new kind of conference. Two days highly interactive, hands-on innovation sprint to work on real-life challenges in the legal field: that’s design.legal, Europe’s cosiest conference on legal design, tech and innovation.

Europe’s leading legal innovators, legal designers, coders and lawyers will meet in Munich under one theme: Together we create.

In a facilitated design-sprint-hackathon-like workshop, the participants...

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