Tessa Manuello speaking at the ABA Relational Practice Summit

Uncategorized Sep 14, 2018

How do you handle time in negotiations? How can you reach an agreement faster? How creativity can assist you in resolving disputes and handling complex situations? Knowledge remains limited with respect to the application of the creativity and its potential to better deal with complexity. Yet, many scholars and experts agree that creativity is an essential skill, especially for those dealing with disagreements, having to problem-solve complex situations and working at getting multiple stakeholders to work together.

Last week, I presented live at the American Bar Association first Relational Practice Summit, about the research I have been doing on creativity, and why it applies well in the context of dispute resolution. Lawyers and Mediators alike attended the live presentation to discover what is creativity, its origin and its techniques.

Today, Friday September 14, 2018, I will be sending the slides of the presentation I gave on creative skills for negotiation. To get a copy of those slides, let me know now.

It is true that individuals going through a dispute have a natural tendency to value their own points of view, without considering the other party's perspective. With time pressure, judgments and biases get triggered quickly. To overcome those, creative skills can increase integrativity levels, enhance motivation for collaboration, and generate better joint outcomes especially for situations involving multiple stakeholders. Creativity is the production of ideas or outcomes that are both novel, appropriate and original. To be creative, you need foremost to be intentional, to improve your ideas, use the affirmative (yes!), to consider novelty and to keep your goals in mind.

Here's the content and the tools you can get today here: Negotiation dynamics; Challenges and dilemmas in resolving disagreements; Influence of time pressure on behaviors; Creativity: origin and definition; Creativity Dynamics; A 3-step model for overcoming impasses. It is an opportunity to understand and identify challenges and dilemmas that arise in disagreements, to become aware of the influence of time pressure on negotiation dynamics, and to know the criteria to seek for creativity to support the achievement of agreements.

As always, I open to discussing more the potential of creativity in this context as well as in other contexts. Do not hesitate to reach me to discuss creativity matters! You can always reach me by email at [email protected] or book a time to chat.

Best creative success to all of my followers!

-- Tessa Manuello 

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