Legal Tech & Disruption in the provision of legal services, Dublin Ireland

Uncategorized Apr 09, 2018

The use of technology in legal services brings a lot of debate and Legal Tech holds the promise to be an unprecedented driver of change for the legal industry. Artificial intelligence and blockchain can be disruptive in the industry and the question arises of who will be the change-makers in the legal services.

Developing one's knowledge of the potential of technology in the legal industry gives a strategic advantage to future generations of lawyers who consider being at the forefront of these technological advances. What is disruption theory? How does it apply to the legal industry? In what ways legal services can be delivered online? 

The technological shift will involve an effective combination of knowledge, processes and technologies and this is what will be presented on this talk to the students of Griffith College, on Tuesday April 10, 2018. Registrations are limited to LLM Students of Griffith College.

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